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1. Columbia Honors Award Recipients At Partner Conference
(News Releases)
... a fantastic 2017! The solid partnerships that Columbia has built with their distribution partners made 2017 Columbia's best year ever! However, there were a few dealers that shined a little brighter than ...
Created on 30 January 2018
2. Columbia and EnerSys Make A Big Announcement
(News Releases)
... as a factory-installed option. We are proud to recognize our growing relationship with Columbia and very pleased that theyve made our NexSys® battery solution easier for their customers ...
Created on 14 November 2017
3. The Leader In Personal Service
(Solution Stories)
... vehicle made today.   Reach Out To Customers We are unique in proactively reaching out to our customers to serve them and to make sure their vehicles are performing the job they purchased them ...
Created on 30 August 2017
4. The Best Just Got Better- Upgraded Summit Utilitruck
(News Releases)
...  Customization Options- Columbia does not make cookie cutter vehicles. Each Columbia vehicle is made specifically for your needs. So, when Columbia was enhancing the Summit Utilitruck, customization ...
Created on 28 March 2017
5. Columbia Is The King of Customization
(Special Vehicles)
... This process involves making new molds for parts, welding and cutting pieces that were previously never made before, and assembling these pieces into the custom engineered design. Our Custom Engineering ...
Created on 28 February 2017
6. Columbia Innovation - 2000’s [Part 3]
(Solution Stories)
... and the battery exchange system have made each unit extremely efficient, promote the management of power usage, and have reduced operating costs of vehicle ownership. There were two main structural ...
Created on 31 January 2017
7. Columbia Innovation - 1990’s [Part 2]
(Solution Stories)
... in the 2000's. These innovations made safety and operation of the vehicle easier and more efficient.  ...
Created on 24 January 2017
8. Stockchaser Redesigned
(Product Updates)
... announce the latest evolution to the Stockchaser. We have made several changes to the Stockchaser with an eye on improving its Speed, Strength, and Value.  Speed - A stock-picker's job demands they ...
Created on 01 August 2016
9. Columbia Completes Tomberlin Acquisition
(News Releases)
... which aligns perfectly with our goal of leveraging the considerable investment we have made over the last thirty plus years manufacturing and distributing pure electric vehicles for the widest array of ...
Created on 18 May 2016
10. Columbia to acquire Tomberlin assets
(News Releases)
... we have made manufacturing and distributing pure electric vehicles for the widest array of applications" said Todd Sauey, Chairman of Columbia ParCar. "The combined product portfolios across multiple ...
Created on 16 April 2015
11. Columbia now available to U.S. Communities members
(News Releases)
... "We believe U.S. Communities customers will now have access to the best electric utility vehicle made in America, our all-new Summit Utilitruck. With our commitment to alternatively fueled vehicles, we ...
Created on 24 February 2015
12. Electric Vehicle Innovators Select Columbia
(Solution Stories)
Tesla Motors headquartered in Palo Alto, California has a passion for high performance, high quality electric vehicles that are made in the USA. Working with Columbia's Northern California dealer... Tesla ...
Created on 18 April 2014
13. Columbia chosen as THE LSV for North Carolina
(News Releases)
... electric utility vehicle that can carry two passengers and haul 1000lbs. Columbia ParCar is proud to offer these robust, American Made, work vehicles to any and all hard working government agencies in ...
Created on 06 June 2013
14. Legal Page
(Basic Content)
... obtained through this website, or otherwise arising out of your use of this website, your inability to use this website or any decision made or action taken by you in reliance of any information, advice ...
Created on 10 April 2013
15. Enter to win an iPad mini from Columbia
(News Releases)
... equal evaluation of a photo's merrit. We will also factor in comments that are made about the photo by others, so get your friends to say great things about your photo. When will the contest end? After ...
Created on 01 March 2013
16. Payloader improvement increases foot / legroom
(Product Updates)
... good enough for Columbia. Even though our Payloader is one of the industry's best selling burden carriers, we never stop looking for ways to improve it. Recently we made a change inside our operator cabin ...
Created on 15 February 2013
17. How can I obtain an MCO for my vehicle?
(Customer Care)
... manufacturer cannot provide an MCO to anyone other than the original purchaser since there is no way of knowing what, if any, modifications have been made to the unit.      ...
Created on 23 January 2013
18. American Made
(Marks of Distinction)
American Made All vehicles are assembled in Reedsburg, Wisconsin by skilled American workers.   ...
Created on 08 November 2012
19. Payloader - Expanded Operator Seating
(Special Vehicles)
Southwest Material Handling, had a special vehicle request made by the Las Vegas Convention Center... Southwest Material Handling, had a special vehicle request made by the Las Vegas Convention ...
Created on 20 February 2012
20. Custom MVP Transports Unruly Prisoners
(Special Vehicles)
... steel chassis, 14 gauge steel body with the prisoner confinement areas made out of 14 gauge steel as well. The vehicle is also equipped with windows between the prisoners and guards for easy viewing during ...
Created on 03 October 2011
21. Endurance champs help fight cancer
(News Releases)
Fundraising efforts, led by associates of Columbia ParCar - Florida,  began months before the event with pledges & donations made by donors guessing how far the Electric Eagle could be driven ...
Created on 11 April 2011
22. Summits receive updates for 2011
(Product Updates)
We have mades several changes to the Summit family of vehicles, which inclode a new roof structure and some additional improvements. All Summits received.... We have mades several changes to the Summit ...
Created on 01 March 2011