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Custom MVP Transports Unruly Prisoners

MVP with a custom built high security transport Columbia received a special request from its dealer in Seattle, MC Electric Vehicles, working with the Washington State Prison for a special type of vehicle. The “Unruly Offender Vehicle” was the result of the prison’s inquiry.

The prison was looking for a vehicle with which they could transport two prisoners from general population to a higher security ward within the prison. The prisoners needed to be shackled at their ankles and wrists, have no contact with each other physically or visually, and be contained with a material that could not be cut or chewed through. There also needed to be enough space on the vehicle for a guard per prisoner if that level of security was needed.

Columbia developed a solution based on the Multiple Vehicle Platform or MVP. This vehicle features a 10 gauge steel chassis, 14 gauge steel body with the prisoner confinement areas made out of 14 gauge steel as well. The vehicle is also equipped with windows between the prisoners and guards for easy viewing during transport. For added safety, a handle was installed for those guards that may be standing to view the prisoners in the vehicle.

Columbia was the only manufacturer contacted by the prison who was even willing to provide a solution for their unique request.

Photo showing how a prisoner is transported Photo showing Person riding in rear compartment of MVP Prison Transport Vehicle

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