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Looking for a vehicle to use in your local city government? Our independent network of dealers is ready to support you. Local police & transportation departments, parks & recreation departments, utility companies, and schools have been using Columbia products to move people and cargo around the world for years. Find your nearest dealer by following the link to our 'Dealer Locator' at the top of the page.  Columbia is commited to providing the quickest and easiest purchasing process for all state agencies. So, whether you are a Texas state park purchasing via TXMAS or a California state police agency purchasing via CMAS we have you covered. We also work directly with other state purchasing agaencies to ensure obtaining a Columbia vehicle is as easy as maintaining and operating one is.
Columbia stands alone as the vehicle manufacturer responsible for receiving and filling the largest single order for electric-powered, Low Speed Vehicles. We provide vehicles to the U.S. Military, Veterans Affairs, the National Parks Service and various U.S. Intelligence Organizations for use in their operations across the globe. With vehicles available on two separate GSA contracts we provide vehicles for closed campus or street legal missions.