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Columbia wins gov't order for LSV's

police SUVAugust 27, 2009 Columbia ParCar Corp., Reedsburg, Wis., announces it has landed an order for 799 vehicles from the General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service. “This is the single largest order ever for electric-powered, Low Speed Vehicles,” Todd Sauey, Columbia’s president, acknowledged. “We are especially proud to win this contract considering the lengthy and stiff competition we faced against several other manufacturers in our industry.”

The all-electric vehicles are destined for 47 separate U.S. Army installations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Low Speed Vehicles, sometimes referred to as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, are a part of the Army’s far-reaching energy security strategy. It’s designed to save energy and money, to wean the Army from fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the U.S. Army, the 799 vehicles are part of a three-year plan to replace 4,000 non-tactical, gasoline-powered vehicles used for passenger transport, security patrol, maintenance and delivery services.

The order, the largest in the industry’s history, includes two models manufactured by Columbia at their Reedsburg operation. According to Scott Breckley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “438 vehicles are four-passenger models and the remaining 361 units are utility vehicles capable of transporting two passengers and cargo.”

The company is pleased to win this bid and is gearing up to fill the contract. “Securing such a significant order for our company helps the local economy and has a positive impact on job growth here in Wisconsin and throughout our supplier base, as well,” Sauey said. “We have hit the ground running and are working to meet the aggressive delivery schedule the government established to meet the Army’s objectives.”

Columbia officials shared information from a January news release in which the U.S. Army reported estimated annual energy savings of $740 for each electric vehicle used in place of a gasoline-powered car. “Saving more than $500,000 each year by deploying only 799 vehicles in a fleet of more than 70,000 is a strong driver for any organization. It also is a great example of how these vehicles are not only good for the environment and our nation’s energy policy, but good for the economy as well.” Breckley added.



About Columbia Parcar Corp. :

Columbia Parcar Corp. is a Wisconsin based manufacturer of PURE ELECTRIC powered LSV/NEV's, utility, industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles that are distributed through an international network of independent dealers. For pricing information or the location of your nearest Columbia dealer, contact Columbia ParCar Corp. at (800) 222-4653.

Columbia Parcar Corp. is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd.. The Nordic Group (headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin) consists of 18 service and manufacturing facilities and 26 marketing units around the world. The Nordic Group is privately (family) owned with over 2,000 associates. The Nordic Group manufactures and distributes plastic and transportation products worldwide for industrial, commercial and consumer markets. For more information or catalog, write The Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. 414 Broadway, Baraboo, WI 53913 USA, visit, fax: 608-356- 5773 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



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